Girls suffer harder concussions, research

April 12, 2014  20:56

Girls who suffer a concussion may have more severe symptoms that last longer compared to boys, according to new research.

In his new study Dr. Shayne Fehr, a pediatric sports medicine specialist at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin tracked 549 patients, including 235 girls, who sought treatment at a pediatric concussion clinic, WebMD reportes.

Compared to the boys, the girls reported more severe symptoms and took nearly 22 more days to recover, said Fehr, also an assistant professor of pediatric orthopedics at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

A concussion is any brain injury that disturbs normal functioning. 

The top five reported symptoms were headache, trouble concentrating, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound and dizziness. 

"This confirms what has been reported before," said Dr. John Kuluz, director of traumatic brain injury and neurorehabilitation at Miami Children's Hospital, who reviewed the findings.

For both genders, it's important to be seen by a doctor and not return to play prematurely, which can be dangerous or even fatal. 

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