5 foods that accelerate aging

July 8, 2019  12:05

Some products are harmful not only for our body, but also age us faster:


Margarine is one of the most harmful products in the modern world. It contains trans fats, which increase the risk of developing many dangerous diseases. Margarine also affects the level of water balance in the body, a violation of which is associated with the appearance of early wrinkles.


Scientists from Denmark have found that people who often drink alcohol age earlier than non-drinkers. In particular, they have appeared earlier such "symptoms" of aging as dark circles under the eyes, yellowish-orange skin tone and hair loss.


Sugar abuse is dangerous for the cardiovascular system, heart and brain, it increases the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and caries. Sugar is dangerous for the skin: it is believed that its excess prevents the production of collagen and elastin - substances necessary to maintain the elasticity and beauty of the skin.


Excess salt in the diet contributes to water retention in the body, which increases the load on the internal organs, leads to swelling and fatigue - all this is also considered to be factors of accelerated aging.

White flour products

White flour products, including white bread and pasta, have a high glycemic index and dramatically increase blood sugar levels. About the risks associated with excess sugar, has already been mentioned above - it really contributes to accelerated aging.


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