Doctors remove lid from pressure cooker stuck in woman’s skull

July 26, 2019  11:46

Rich Kaur from Mumbai was hospitalized with a pressure cooker lid stuck in the skull, The Mirror reported

The doctors managed to remove the lid, the whistle of which perforated her head.

According to the source, Rich stumbled on the flatware on the floor at night and dropped her head on a pressure cooker. The whistle from the lid, which serves as an indicator of temperature, pierced her head and stuck in the skull.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital. It took the surgeons two hours to pull the whistle out of her head. It was inconvenient for them to work, as the woman could not lie.

There was also a risk of infectious complications due to small pieces of bone trapped in the brain. According to doctors, the patient's condition is stable.

Lakhwinder Kaur, the patient's daughter, said her mother's sight was partially impaired by cataracts. 

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