Well-known US experts voice recommendations to prevent cervical cancer

July 31, 2019  20:00

Well-known US experts have voiced recommendations for the prevention of cervical cancer.

Samvel Badalian, US clinical professor, notes that certain risk factors accelerate the development of cancer (as smoking, diabetes, etc). However, it is a proven fact that human papillomavirus causes malignant neoplasm in the cervix.

The most common screening method for cervical cancer detection is the PAP test. Only in the US 63-70% of women pass the PAP test annually. Meanwhile, in the case of receiving a vaccine against human papillomavirus, the PAP test can be taken every five years.

Worldwide, about 300 million people received a vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV), and, according to the expert, no cases of death, infertility or negative effects on sperm have been recorded. Badalyan called to trust only those studies that were published in the leading medical journals of the world (for example, The Lancet and JAMA.

Reproductive endocrinologist from the US, Chairman of the World Committee of Armenian Doctors (AMIC) Vigen Sepilian, in his turn, noted that hundreds of serious scientific studies confirm the productivity of vaccination against human papillomavirus. He noted that in the coming years, this virus can be destroyed, and called on countries to unite on this path.

All developed countries of the world use the vaccine against human papillomavirus, he said adding that the vaccination against HPV is also carried out in Armenia, which is important to prevent such types of cancer as, for example, cervical cancer and throat cancer.

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