Calcium, vitamin D supplements may not lower fracture risk in elderly

December 27, 2017  23:49

A study has recently found that taking calcium, vitamin D supplements or both may not protect against hip fracture and other bone breaks in the elderly.

Practice guidelines recommend calcium and vitamin D supplements for older people to prevent fractures in those with osteoporosis.

The team analysed 33 randomised clinical trials in 51,145 adults over the age of 50, who lived in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

The participants were compared with those taking calcium, vitamin D or both supplements to placebo or no treatment.

Authors Jia-Guo Zhao from Tianjin Hospital, Tianjin, China explained that these supplements were not linked to less risk for new fractures.

The researchers recommended that that they do not support the daily use of calcium, vitamin D supplements.

The research appears in journal JAMA.


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