The doctors explained why you should regularly eat onions

September 17, 2018  22:37

Медики объяснили, почему необходимо регулярно есть лукNamed vegetable that should be in the diet daily.

Daily use it effectively reduces the level of cholesterol, improve the body’s immune defenses against viruses and stimulates the metabolism and promotes skin rejuvenation.

Doctors strongly recommend to include in the diet of red onion.

Red onions have a higher content of substances of anthocyanins, which gives it a distinctive color. Once in the body, these substances help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and decrease cholesterol. If you use red onion for 2-3 months, cholesterol levels can be reduced by 20%.

Red onion is a source of vitamins A, b, C and PP. This formula stimulates the digestive tract, and metabolism and promotes weight loss. Positively affecting the condition of the blood vessels and digestion, the components of red onion give also the effect of improving the condition of skin, its rejuvenation.

According to a study published in the journal “Food Research International”, a substance of red onion can kill tumor cells. In particular, the contained quercetin acts as a shredder of tumor cells of colon, breast.

In addition, red onions contain acid, which is beneficial to the digestive tract, and is recommended by doctors for those experiencing persistent pain in the stomach. Do not forget that the red onions, like the white, able to be antiseptic in viral and bacterial diseases.



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