Named products that are mistakenly considered harmful

September 18, 2018  12:10

If you hear about these products as harmful, do not believe – recent studies have proven their benefit to the body and health. About products that should not have been previously regarded as harmful, told Israeli nutritionist na’ama lion.

First of all, you need to stop and consider that every day can not eat chicken eggs.

It is actually possible and, moreover, it is necessary, as this product is a great, easily digestible source of amino acids and calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and zinc. The egg contains cholesterol, but the cholesterol levels in the blood are not affected, that proved the research of the past years.

Also not harmful, and beneficial coffee.

It is believed that an overdose of drink can increase the pressure, but the expert notes: typically, this happens when coffee contains various dietary Supplement, but is also replete with sugar. Recent scientific evidence suggests that coffee and caffeine prevent cancer and liver disease, as well as contribute to the restoration of cardiac muscle cells.

No need to be afraid and fatty foods.

Particularly useful for health of consumption of fat from plant products. According to the recommendation of a dietitian, foods such as avocado, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, various nuts should be present in the diet on a daily basis. But also useful healthy animal fats, for example, contained in dairy products, butter.

“Fats have a positive effect on metabolism,” – said the nutritionist.

Strongly advises the specialist to abandon the use of salt.

This product recently demonized, but its presence in the diet is required, as the components of the salt are involved in important life processes, cell renewal and essential for maintenance of normal functions of cardiovascular system organs.

Another kind of “terrible” foods – products with gluten.

Specialist considers a healthy habit moderate consumption of gluten, a rejection of him – a foolish imitation of an unjustified trend. Gluten intolerance affects only 1%, all the rest abandon him there was no need, said the nutritionist.

In addition, Naama Lyon advised to regularly eat bread.

“A recent large study confirmed that meals, on 50% consisting of carbohydrates, it is useful, what can be said about low-carb diets” – said the expert.

At the same time, it is recommended to prefer bread and cakes of coarse, maloprimetny types of flour, whole grains.

In addition, the nutritionist called useful potatoes and soy.

Potatoes rejected by many as a product with a high glycemic index (i.e., quickly increase the sugar level in the blood). However, according to nutritionist, the glycemic index is a parameter of the purely individual – each product has a different effect on the organism of different people.

As for soybeans, the latter experiments suggests that the effect of using soy in its raw form or in the form of tofu is comparable to the effect from eating legumes, known for its ability to lower blood cholesterol and improve heart health.


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