Kick from horse leads to discovery of testicular tumour

December 7, 2018  20:15

Ryan O’Connor was working in Australia last year when he was kicked by his horse Karlakee Miss.

The 21-year-old Co Kerry rider, whose dad Padraig is a trainer, later went to hospital complaining about back pain.

However the trip to the hospital led to the discovery that he had an aggressive form of testicular cancer.

O’Connor said: “It turned out I had a 9cm tumour.

“I was healthy and fit at the time and just never felt right.”

The jockey added: “It was one of the most aggressive cancers to spread, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise getting kicked.”

O’Connor, who moved to Australia in 2015, underwent multiple surgeries and endured chemotherapy to tackle the cancer.

He was given the all-clear in January, but still undergoes regular check-ups.

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