Wheelchair-bound groom stands for first dance with bride

February 5, 2019  17:38

A wheelchair-bound groom celebrating his wedding reception in Cuiabá, Brazil, enlisted the help of his family to prop him to his feet for his first dance with his new wife — and footage of the touching moment is leaving the viewers teary-eyed.

In the touching clip, Hugo Rohling and his wife Cinthia can be seen sharing their first dance to Sam Smith’s “Make It to Me,” beginning with Rohling and Cinthia performing a couple of choreographed dance moves before Cinthia sits in Rohling’s lap for an embrace.

Shortly afterward, Rohling’s brother and father take seats on either side of him, while another guest binds their legs together with straps. Rohling then throws his arms around his family members and the three stand up together, eliciting cheers from the wedding party.

Cinthia then walks up to Rohling to finish the dance, as all four of them sway along to the song.

“I had the pleasure of participating in this incredible wedding of my friends Cinthia Zanuni II and Hugo Rohling in Cuiabá, and I’m going to share this video of what Love is really capable of,” a member of the wedding party wrote underneath the clip, per a Google translation.

The moment has been met with tremendous feedback online, and even celebrities such as James Corden and Trevor Noah chiming in to celebrate the heartwarming moment.

“Oh my god. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today,” Corden, the host of “The Late Late Show,” said.

“I only cried twice watching this video,” wrote Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show.”

Rohling, 36, is believed to have become partially paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident he suffered five years ago, according to reports cited by The Sun.

Source: New York Post

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