Plastic surgery addict left with boobs that resembled ‘tennis balls plopped in a sock’ after botched operation

March 14, 2019  22:30

A PLASTIC surgery addict was left with boobs that resemble “tennis balls plopped in a sock” that swing “like a pendulum” after a series of botched surgeries.

UK-based Krystina, 32, appears on tonight’s episode of Botched on E! where she hopes to make her breasts look like “basketballs with heart-shaped nipples”.

Speaking in the episode Krystina explained that she grew up as a tomboy and always thought of herself as “the short, little, dumpy one”.

It was only when a caricaturist drew her with big lips, big boobs and a small waist that she decided to alter her look for good.

She said: “It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I knew that’s the look I needed to have.”

Krystina had her first boob job when she was 17 but said things quickly went sour.

She explained: “About six weeks in they suddenly just started to drop, I basically felt like I had four boobs from that day.”

The plastic surgery fanatic went on to have two rhinoplasties, cheek fillers, chin fillers, lip fillers, semi-permanent make-up, a one-stitch face lift and a designer vagina.

She also had a gastric bypass and ended up shifting nearly 200lb in order to achieve her dream look.

The plastic surgery lover continued: “Believe it or not my teeth are actually veneers. They are kind of too big for my face, but we’ll just get bigger cheeks and bigger lips then they’ll end up working out.”

Krystina even got heart-shaped nipples as an “added accessory”, and said: “It was like adding some decoration. They’re definitely a talking point.”

But despite all the tweaks, she still wasn’t happy with her appearance.

She said: “After the fourth surgery I woke up and I still didn’t like what I see. After all the money I spent, I still didn’t look like the caricature that I want to be.

“My boobs are kind of like if you had a tennis ball plopped it in a sock and swinging it like a pendulum.

“They are very limp, flaccid, nothing happening, not good. I definitely think bigger the better. I love the fake look. If I’m having something done, I want it to look like it was done.

“Nobody remembers anyone that is bland. No one wants a wet flannel.

“Now I’ve lost all this weight, this is the next step to getting them sorted. When I first had the breast surgery, I wanted them to look like beach balls and then I kind of came to the compromise thinking basketballs with my hearts on the front.

“It might not be to everyone’s taste but I don’t care, I don’t wish to be everyone’s taste.”

Krystina hopes to fix the problem to good with the help of plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow in tonight’s episode of Botched, 9pm on E!


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