Child miraculously survives being impaled after falling off building

May 22, 2019  18:37

Horrifying pictures show a young boy who survived a 30-foot fall from a building — and being impaled by a 6-foot-long iron rod.

Nadeem, 3, was playing with children on the third floor of a building in Uttar Pradesh, India, when he fell and landed on a metal pole in the fetal position.

One of the rods pierced the toddler’s left thigh and entered through his lower abdomen before rupturing through the upper back — missing all his vital organs.

Fortunately, Pankaj Parma, an electrician working close by, saw the freak accident and cut a portion of the protruding rod to rush the boy to King George Hospital about five miles away.

Hospital staff conducted emergency surgery at 4:45 p.m., an hour after the boy arrived, in which they had to cut open his thigh and left abdominal side to remove the rod.

Three hours later, the rod had been extracted — and following 14 days in the hospital, Nadeem recovered and was discharged on April 22.

Dr. Samir Mishra, who was part of the team that saved Nadeem, said the rod passed just 2 centimeters (¾ inches) away from his liver, but punctured his diaphragm and small intestine.

“Initially, we did not know which internal organs had been punctured by the rod, and as such pulling out the rod would have been detrimental to his life,” Mishra said.

“As a result, we had to cut open his thigh and left abdominal side to remove the rod. Only during the surgery, it was noticed that the rod had passed just 2 centimeters away from the liver, but the diaphragm was punctured and put a hole through the small intestine. As luck would have it, the rod entered his body in an angle missing the vital organs including the heart, before exiting from his upper back.”

Since the accident, Nadeem reportedly has bounced back to his normal, playful self.

Source: New York Post

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