Armenia woman gives birth to naturally conceived triplets

May 30, 2019  12:00

YEREVAN. – A 25-year-old student Armenian woman gave birth to naturally conceived triplets – two girls and a boy.

Hamest Dolukhanyan wanted to have many children, but she could never thought of having triplets.

“You will come here with three children in three years,” a priest told the couple from Shahumyan village of Armenia’s Ararat province on their wedding day.

Two years have passed since then, but she already has three children.

Talking to Medicine Hamest said she was very happy to know that she is pregnant after a year of failures. But, when she went to have her ultrasound scan, Hamest learned that she was expecting triplets.

Children were born on May 2, and weighed 2,050, 2,045 and 1,950 grams. Parents named them Iren, Esfir and Aren.

They remained in an intensive care unit, but will be discharged soon.

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