What diet causes high risk of sepsis?

June 4, 2019  19:50

University of Portland researchers have identified a link between a high-fat diet and the risk of sepsis, Food News reported. https://www.food.news/2019-05-31-high-fat-high-sugar-western-diet-increases-risk-of-sepsis-death.html

As part of the experiment, scientists divided rodents into two groups. Thus, mice from the first group were fed on a diet high in fat, sugar and a small amount of fiber. The ration of experimental subjects from the second group was based on the basics of a balanced diet and fiber intake.

As a result, rodents from the first group showed higher rates of chronic inflammation, as well as more severe cases of sepsis and a high mortality rate. Data analysis was performed based on comparison with mice from the second group.

Scientists do not rule out that the reason for this lies in the effect of high fat and sugar foods on the immune system, which makes the body more susceptible to inflammatory processes.

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