Silicone breasts nearly paralyze young woman

June 4, 2019  22:10

The desire to have a lush bust cost a serious health problem to New Yorker Bianca Weintraub, Daily Mail reported

The operation, during which silicone implants were installed, took place in 2014. After the operation, her health began to deteriorate gradually, but the woman did not associate these symptoms with plastic surgery.
“Bianca had a difficult first pregnancy in 2016 and blamed the night sweats, exhaustion, acne and anxiety that continued after she gave birth in January 2017 on the postpartum period,” the source noted.

She tested positive for chronic Epstein Barr virus, two forms of pneumonia bacteria, and for Candida, and suggesting she had a fungal infection. 

Bianca conducted her own “investigation” and found that these symptoms occur if the body rejects breast implants. The woman made an independent decision to remove silicone implants, after which her health condition improved and all the alarming symptoms gradually disappeared.

'It took me having fake breasts which almost killed me to finally love and appreciate the ones that I was given naturally. Self-appreciation and confidence come from within, not from a plastic surgeon,' she said. 

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