What is daily step volume to reduce risk of early death?

June 5, 2019  11:00

It is believed that in order to reduce the risks of early death, it is necessary to have 10 thousand steps daily. However, researchers at Harvard Medical School suggested otherwise, Jama Network reported

A total of 16741 women aged from 62 to 101 years were involved in the study. Volunteers were examined for four years. They all had to wear trackers to measure the number of steps and the speed of movement for at least seven days in a row. During the entire study period, 504 women died.

It turned out that in women who, on average, took about 4,400 steps per day, the mortality rate was significantly lower compared to those who took 2,200 steps. The lowest mortality rate was among those who took 7,500 or more steps a day, but no additional benefits were found for those who took 10,000 steps.

Scientists note that there is no scientific evidence that it is necessary to do exactly 10 thousand steps daily to maintain health. This figure is a consequence of a marketing campaign implemented in Japan in the 1960s, aimed at selling the first pedometers.

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