Why is eating eggs dangerous?

June 5, 2019  22:09

Excessive consumption of eggs is associated with health risks and may lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death, MedicalXpress reported referring to US scientists’ study.

The study involved over 30 thousand people, and monitoring of their health were conducted for 31 years. It was found that daily consumption of every additional 300 milligrams of cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases by 17%, and premature death by 18%.

The cholesterol content in one large egg reaches 200 milligrams.

"This is a strong study because the modeling adjusted for factors such as the quality of the diet. Even for people on healthy diets, the harmful effect of higher intake of eggs and cholesterol was consistent,” said Katherine Tucker, a biomedical and nutritional sciences professor in UMass Lowell's Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences.

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