What diseases can irregular sleep cause?

June 7, 2019  15:59

Irregular sleep can cause a number of diseases, including obesity and high blood pressure, specialists from the Brigham Women's Hospital in the United States proved.

The study involved 2 thousand people aged 45 and up to 84 years. The subjects had to carry an actigraph, which measures the time of sleep and wakefulness, for a week. In addition, they all talked in detail about their lifestyle and sleep patterns. Next, scientists monitored their state of health for six years.

It was found that patients with irregular sleep metabolic disorders were observed compared with those subjects who maximally adhered to the same regimen. The actual change in the duration of sleep and change of bedtime for every hour, increase the likelihood of metabolic syndrome by 27%.

In addition, volunteers, whose sleep duration varied over an hour, were more likely to have sleep apnea or depressive moods.

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