Scientific conference dedicated to palliative care kicks off in Yerevan

June 7, 2019  12:18

A scientific conference dedicated to the issues of productive implementation of palliative care in Armenia kicked off in Yerevan on Friday. The conference is attended by local and foreign experts, doctors, lawyers, representatives of the civil sector. The event will include, sessions on the legal, medical and psychological aspects of pain.

Experts have repeatedly noted that there are a number of problems in the way of introducing palliative care in the republic. This concerns, in particular, the fear of doctors and patients with opioid analgesics. So, the concern of patients and their loved ones is the likelihood of morphine addiction. Meanwhile, experts note that morphine in patients with severe pain does not cause euphoria and, therefore, addiction.

As for the doctors, their dissatisfaction causes the police to pay too much attention to the doses of prescribed opioid analgesics. This is especially evident in view of the fact that at least six doses of morphine need to be prescribed for the treatment of pain.

The scientific conference was organized by the Armenian Psycho-Oncological Association with the assistance of the Open Society Foundation. The head of the Armenian branch of the Foundation Larisa Minasyan notes that this structure has been implementing an awareness raising program on palliative care in Armenia since 2009.

Opportunities for productive promotion of this issue really exist. For example, representatives of the civil and scientific sector provide their assistance. Meanwhile, according to her, this process could be promoted more actively.

The conference will last until June 8.

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