Doctors remove dozens of parasitic worms from 4-year-old boy’s intestines

June 7, 2019  17:10

A 4-year-old boy from Cameroon for half a year complained of constipation and bloating. The parents never checked the child for helminthiasis, and did not pay enough Daily to the alarming symptoms for six months. Meanwhile, the child began vomiting, Dailt Mail reported referring to Medical Case Reports. 

“Medics found the boy had never been tested for worms before and his family could not afford to take him to the closest hospital 47 miles (76km) away.

They removed the live worms in an operation, sent the boy home after seven days and gave his whole family drugs to protect against the infection returning,” the source noted.

According to doctors, if the parasites were not removed from the child’s body, then he would have problems with memory and physical development.

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