Teenager becomes single mother with IVF before surgeons have to remove her womb

June 9, 2019  17:21

19-year-old Samara Davies decided to become a mother after doctors told her to remove her womb, The Daily Mail reported

According to the source, Samara is diagnosed with endometriosis, which causes severe pain and heavy periods. After the disease bedridden her at the age of 17, doctors advised her to make a hysterectomy - to remove the womb and cervix. However, the teenager decided to have a baby before becoming barren for life.

Her family collected £ 5,000 for IVF. The girl was able to become single mother. Now her daughter is 7 months old, and Samara is happy that she could become a mother. As she confessed she always dreamed of having children, and therefore the verdict of the doctors became for her an ordeal.

By the way, the pregnancy had a positive effect on her health, and the symptoms of the disease are not as painful as before. Samara hopes that this will allow to delay the operation to remove the uterus as womb as possible.

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