Boy born with just one lung and kidney and his heart on wrong side

June 10, 2019  17:50

A baby boy born with one lung, one kidney, with his heart on the wrong side has defied the slim odds to survive, Daily Mail reported

Developmental abnormalities were identified at the stage of intrauterine development, but the parents abandoned the idea of terminating the pregnancy artificially. The baby was born eight weeks ahead of schedule, and over the years has spent over 800 days in the hospital.

Frankie had an operation to install an artificial lung, however, despite this, he cannot consume water and food due to breathing problems. The boy receives the nutrients necessary for vital activity through a special system that is attached directly to the stomach.

Despite the lack of opportunities for the transplantation of donor organs, parents are full of optimism and do not lose heart.

'He's technically half a human, but to us he's everything,’ the source noted.

At birth, the boy's airways were too narrow, what created additional health problems. This defect was removed surgically, however, due to the prolonged ventilation of the lungs, which affected his vocal cords, he cannot speak.

Doctors are in no hurry to make predictions, since no such cases have been identified in medicine and, therefore, this condition is not described in the medical literature. However, the parents of the baby are determined, and plan to conduct an independent investigation. They hope that the identification of similar cases will help organize the proper treatment of their son. 

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