How does junk food affect our brain?

June 14, 2019  15:45

The use of junk food, including hamburgers, so popular in many countries of the world, contributes to premature brain aging and the early onset of neurodegenerative processes, said scientists from the Australian National University.

According to MedicalXpress, experts analyzed the results of 200 studies and managed to find strong evidence that an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical activity for a long time not only increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent), but also impair cognitive functions, causing dementia and brain atrophy. 

"But our work shows that neurodegeneration, or the loss and function of neurons, sets in much, much earlier—we've found a clear association between this brain deterioration and unhealthy lifestyle choices,” said Professor Cherbuin from the ANU Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing. “The damage done is pretty much irreversible once a person reaches midlife, so we urge everyone to eat healthy and get in shape as early as possible—preferably in childhood but certainly by early adulthood.”


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