Pregnancy has no impact on woman's mental capability, research says

June 15, 2019  12:51

The myth that women’s mental capability deteriorate during pregnancy, and the ability to think rationally is lost is very common. However, a new study shows that this is only a myth, and it does not correspond to reality.

The researchers from Anglia Ruskin University revealed that while expecting a child, the ability to think rationally and clearly, and understand everything that is happening around women is improving. This quality is necessary for a woman in order to quickly distinguish between the dangers that can pose a threat to her and her future baby.

The researchers say that during the last three months of pregnancy, women subconsciously form the so-called protective barrier around their abdomen. Sometimes, even without realizing it, they do not allow people to come closer to than 66 centimeters. Thus, nature itself provides the best conditions for carrying a baby.

Experiments with the participation of pregnant and non-pregnant women have confirmed that future mothers form a protective barrier and respond better to any possible danger around.

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