Scientists: Supplements to increase testosterone levels are dangerous

July 2, 2019  09:43

Supplements to increase testosterone levels, also called “T-boosters”, are not only ineffective, but also dangerous, The World Journal of Men's Health reported.

Testosterone is the main "male" sex hormone, which plays an important role in the development of sperm, moreover, it is thanks to him that "male" traits develop - muscles, deep voice, broad shoulders, etc.

After 30 years, most men start to gradually decrease testosterone levels, which negatively affects both their well-being and their appearance. However, some men turn to so-called "testosterone boosters."

However, there is no sense in these additives. According to Mary K. Samplaski from Keck Medical School of the University of Southern California, many dietary supplements actually contain only vitamins and minerals, and therefore can not increase testosterone levels.

As it turned out, many dietary supplements contained high doses of vitamins and minerals, sometimes exceeding the permissible limits. Long-term use of such additives can lead to an excess of certain substances in the body.

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