Nutritionists develop simple recommendations to shift to healthy diet

July 4, 2019  09:36

A group of American nutritionists has developed simple recommendations that will allow you to review your diet and shift to a healthy diet, MedicalXpress reported.

According to the source, the first thing to do is to abandon white bread, replacing it with whole-grain products. It is also worth reducing the consumption of red meat and products from processed meat, including seafood in your diet. Nutritionists recommend replacing meat with beans or vegetables at least twice a week.

Another tip concerns reducing salt intake, which can be avoided by salty nuts. To increase the content of unsaturated fats in the diet, you should abandon the cream sauces in favor of olive oil with vinegar. Favorite pasta is recommended to cook not with cream, but with tomato sauce.

Reducing calorie intake will contribute to the purchase of low-calorie milk and the rejection of coffee with cream. Lovers of fast food should reconsider their tastes, and replace french fries with popcorn.

Experts believe that following these simple rules will greatly simplify the transition to a healthy diet.

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