Survey: Giving up smoking reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases by 90%

July 5, 2019  14:26

Smoking-related cardiovascular diseases kill at least 17 people in Australia every day, researchers from The Australian National University revealed.

The researchers have tracked 190,000 smokers and non-smokers for seven years, checking how they measure up for the 36 known cardiovascular diseases, reported.

Overall, 11,400 people are admitted to hospital each year, with a coronary heart condition caused by smoking.
The study shows that giving up smoking under 45 reduces the possibility of cardiovascular diseases by 90 percent. The risk to die of cardiovascular is three times higher if a person is smoking.

Although the researchers presented information on smoking-related risks based on Australia’s example, situation in other countries is not different. In Armenia, for instance, where at least half of men are smoking, cardiovascular diseases are number one cause of death cases.

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