Girl with unusual eyes has to constantly wear sunglasses

July 10, 2019  19:19

Two-year-old Rhiannon Kay, from Norfolk, suffers from congenital aniridia, Daily Mail reported

Due to the hypersensitivity of the eyes to the light, the girl can not go out without sunglasses.

“She is so sensitive to light so all the windows in our car are tinted. If she did go out without sunglasses, then it would be painful and uncomfortable for her. The things she struggles with at the moment are depth perception so she can trip up and fall over things,” her mother Theresa Kay said.

“The rare genetic condition affects one in every 75,000 babies worldwide. It's caused by a mutation to a the PAX6 gene, which provides instructions for the early development of the eyes, brain and spinal cord - on rare occasions, aniridia patients have behavioral problems, developmental delay, and problems with smell,” the source noted.

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