Scientists reveal benefits of egg shells for fractures

July 11, 2019  09:36

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, have developed a gel with particles of eggshell, which can be used for fractures, Biomaterials Science reported.

There is a crushed egg shells with gelatin-based hydrogel with immature cells of bone tissue taken from the patient. The resulting substance is placed in a three-dimensional frame, installed in a special incubator. Newly grown bone tissue can be implanted into the patient's body.

Experiments on rats showed that this hydrogel increases the ability of bone cells to regenerate, which has a positive effect on the growth and strength of the bone. In addition, this technology minimizes the risk of implant rejection by the patient’s immune system.

According to scientists, this technology can be used to grow new cartilage tissue, as well as ligaments or teeth.

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