Armenian couple find out they have one-month-old son born to another woman

July 11, 2019  17:27

Armenian-American couple from Glendale, Anni and Ashot Manukyan faced a terrifying situation: the couple learned that because of the mistakes of the doctors during the IVF, another woman bore their children and gave birth to them, Daily Mail reported.

According to the source, last year Anni transplanted two embryos at the CHA Fertility Center clinic, but the IVF procedure did not end with pregnancy. A few months later, on April 11 of this year, they were asked to return to the clinic and, under the pretext of a routine procedure, took saliva samples from the spouses for analysis.

The next day, the doctor of the clinic met the spouses and told them the shocking news: they are the biological parents of a child born on March 31 to a New Yorker. This woman gave birth to two boys, but none of them had a biological mother. Not only that: the biological parents of the twins were different.

As it turned out, both couples were treated at the CHA Fertility Center at almost the same time. The error during IVF became known after the Korean-American couple from New York gave birth to non-Asian children after treatment at the CHA Fertility Center. The spouses knew in advance that their embryos were female, however, to their amazement, boys were born.

They spent $ 100,000 in this clinic to get the appropriate treatment and medical care. The couple has already filed for the clinic in court.

It also turned out that Anni and Ashot were not the biological parents of the embryos transplanted to Annie.

To return the rights to his son, the spouses had to go through litigation. However, joy is overshadowed by one circumstance: somewhere, perhaps another woman is carrying their second child.

Anni and Ashot sued the CHA Fertility Center in the California Supreme Court.

“I don't hear anybody, you know? All of a sudden my brain went to: I didn't get to bond with my baby. I wasn't able to carry him, I wasn't able to hold him. I wasn't able to feel him inside of me. I wasn't there when he was born. Those first moments of life are the most precious, that's how the baby bonds with the mom, you know? I don't understand how CHA could have done this to us, the most important thing in our lives. I'm a strong person but I have been hurt by these experiences in ways that hurt me every day. I hope nobody suffers through what my family has been through,” she said.

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