Scientists call affordable way to reduce risk of cognitive impairment in old age

July 16, 2019  09:39

Scientists have called an affordable way to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment in old age, Neurology reported.

The American Academy of Neurology’s press release reported that 2,000 people were involved in the study with the lack of cognitive impairment. The subjects reported how often they read, used a computer, participated in various social events at the age of 50-65 years, and also after 66 years.

They were followed up for five years, and every 15 months they took tests to assess their cognitive abilities.

It turned out that using a computer reduces the risk of lung cognitive disorders by 37%; various social activities, playing cards and solving crossword puzzles - by 20%; arts and crafts - by 42%. At the same time, the positive effect increased if the elderly were engaged in several of the listed activities at once.

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