Man contracts deadly infection while swimming

July 17, 2019  16:18

Dave Bennett, 66, in the coastal city of Destin, Florida, contracted a deadly bacterium while sailing in the sea, Metro reported

According to the source, Cheryl Bennet Wiygul, 40, said her father, 66-year-old Dave Bennett, died on Sunday afternoon – less than two days after he was infected by the bacteria while swimming in Florida.

“They got to the hospital in Memphis around 8 pm. They took him back immediately. As they were helping him get changed into his hospital gown they saw this terribly swollen black spot on his back that was not there before,” she said. “‘He was gone by Sunday afternoon. Less than 48 hours after getting out of the water feeling great, the bacteria had destroyed him.”

Bennett's wife explained to the doctors that while he was vacationing in Florida he bathed in the sea and, possibly, caught the infection.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. I don’t need anyone to tell me what we should or should not have done. We already know. It was too late for us,” she aded.

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