60% of cervical cancer cases found out at late stage in Armenia

July 17, 2019  18:45

About 60% of cervical cancer cases have been detected at stage III-IV in Armenia, said Onco Gynecologist Vahe Ter-Minasyan.

By the way, in advanced cervical cancer, clinical signs such as bleeding, severe pain, and discharge with a sharp unpleasant odor are observed.

Ter-Minasyan drew attention to the fact that with neglected cases, the survival rate is 5-22 months. Among the complications that develop in cervical cancer is cachexia, that is, an extreme depletion of the body, which is characterized by general weakness and a sharp decrease in weight.

The expert noted that the best method for preventing cervical cancer is Gardasil, the vaccine against human papillomavirus.

According to him, this vaccine also protects against other types of cancer, including skin and throat cancer.

A tetravalent vaccine against HPV is used in Armenia, and more than 9 thousand people received vaccination from 2017 to the first half of 2019.

Cervical cancer cases have been increased in Armenia. So, if in 1985 this indicator per 100,000 women was 9.5, then in 2017 it was 16.6, and in 2018 it was 14.5. In 2017, there were 262 new cases of cervical cancer in Armenia, and 228 new cases were found out in 2018. The largest number of patients with this disease are women aged 44-59 years.

About 100 cases of death from cervical cancer are recorded in the republic annually.

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