Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs promises to reduce corruption risks while establishing disability

July 18, 2019  16:15

The Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia promises to reduce corruption risks in the process of establishing disability.

According to Anna Hakobyan, head of the Department for Equal Opportunities, it is planned to create a new roster of specialists, which will include experts from various fields - doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and so on. Experts will be selected randomly, who temporarily will be included in the composition of the relevant commission on disability determination.

The selection will be held a day or two before the convening of the committee, which will be the guarantor of the transparency of its work. Hakobyan expressed hope that this mechanism will allow reducing corruption risks.

“The standards used today create opportunities for a subjective assessment,” she said, adding that the introduction of a new roster of specialists will be possible after legislative changes.

Now it is also developing a list of alternative services for people with disabilities (for example, the personal assistant service). Most of them will be provided through public organizations selected on a competitive basis.

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