Two men die after drinking too many energy drinks

July 19, 2019  10:53

Two labourers from the Indonesian province of Jakarta have died after drinking too many energy drinks, Asian One reported

According to the Indonesian police, the bodies of the man were found by their foreman on Tuesday, July 16.  Their bodies have been found lying on the floor.

Police criminal investigation unit head Tom Sirait said the victims, identified as Agus and Ahmad Riyono, had been found with empty sachets of energy drink powder, two bottles of energy drinks and two water bottles.

According to the source, the police had not found evidence of a struggle.

"There was no violence, there were no signs of a struggle at the scene. They're day laborers; when they were working, they were healthy. When they felt sick, they drank those kinds of drinks," Tom added.

The bodies of the men were sent to a local hospital for an autopsy.

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