Scientists say how to make older people's brains 30 years younger

July 19, 2019  20:00

American scientists have found that the learning process by old people has a beneficial effect on the brain. However, 6 weeks of intensive training is enough to make the brain 30 years younger, Xinhua reported

Studies show that performing three new tasks increases mental stress and protects against Alzheimer's disease.

As part of the experiment, 42 people aged between 58 and 86 years for three months simultaneously attended three to five sessions, the total duration of which was 15 hours per week. These were classes in Spanish, computer literacy, drawing, photography, and music. Before and after the experiment, scientists evaluated the level of their cognitive abilities using tests.

It turned out that older participants in the experiment at the age of 80 years in less than two months improved their cognitive abilities. Participants from the control group who did not attend any training courses did not show any positive changes.

UCR psychologist Rachel Wu says one important way of staving off cognitive decline is learning new skills as a child would and it is important to have motivation as well as to enlist the assistance of people who are ready to support them at the training stage.

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