Pleasant music can calm nerves before surgery as well as medication

July 20, 2019  16:27

A research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania has shown that listening to relaxing songs before an operation could be just as good at calming patients’ nerves as medication, ВВС News reported.

Pre-operation anxiety occurs among almost half of the patients, and it is quite dangerous because it increases the risk of high blood pressure, stenosis of blood vessels, as well as arrhythmia and high body temperature. As a result, the risk of post-operation complications increases, and the healing process takes longer.

Researchers are convinced that music can be a very effective way to deal with pain relief and anxiety.
But there is one negative side. Tests with volunteers have shown that music does not relax the patients as strongly as sedatives. Researchers link this with the fact that the volunteers in this research did not have the chance to select the music they wanted to listen to.

Researchers explain that music affects the neuromediators by decomposing the Cortisol stress hormone and raising the concentration of the Dopamine “happy hormone.”

Thus, researchers call on to consider relaxing songs as an alternative to the fight against pre-operation anxiety.

The results of this research have been published in the BMJ journal.

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