Doctor of Armenian descent cures boy, 4, whom foreign doctors could not help

July 23, 2019  12:42

Russian doctor of Armenian origin Arsen Hayrapetyan cured 4-year-old Martin, whom foreign doctors could not help, KP.RU reported.

According to the source, since his birth Martin had bouts of fever as every 15 days he had a fever reaching up to 104° F (40° C).

Martin was taken for examination to the best clinics in the country, they even have been chacked by foreign doctors abroad, and the doctors managed to find out the cause of the attacks: the child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease - Periodic fever with Marshall's syndrome.

According to doctors, it was the genetic mutation that caused repeated episodes of fever that lasted from three to six days. This syndrome also leads to fatigue, chills, and in some cases, abdominal pain and headaches, fever, sore throat. This syndrome usually occurs between the ages of 2 and 5 years and is more common for boys than for girls.

In foreign clinics, Martin's parents were offered to remove his tonsils, but no one ventured to conduct surgery, because no one had any confidence that this would help.

Returning to Russia, they turned to Arsen Hayrapetyan, head of the ENT department of the first city hospital in Russian Novorossiysk. He said with confidence that the removal of the tonsils will ease the condition of the child. And he was right.

He removed the tonsils on May 29; the surgery lasted no more than half an hour.

More than a month has passed since then, and the boy feels great.

According to the boy’s mother, Natalia Mayorova, his son now lives a full life.

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