Why breakfasts are so important?

July 24, 2019  11:51

Starting your day without breakfast is bad for health, said scientists from the Medical School of the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

It turns out that people who regularly skip breakfast are at a higher risk of developing obesity (especially in adolescence) and the premature development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, MedicalXpress reported.

The researchers analyzed data on 3,528 adolescents from 12.5 to 17.5 years old from ten major European cities, as well as about 991 Brazilian teens aged from 14 to18. They wanted to understand the relationship between the lifestyle of children, including the level of physical activity and diet, and the risk of developing various diseases. They took into account body mass index, height, waist circumference and the ratio of waist to height.

The boys who did not have breakfast turned out to have an average waist length of 2.13-2.61 centimeters more than those who had their breakfast, while girls had 1.97 centimeters. The average body mass index of non-eating adolescents also grew, even despite healthy sleep.

Another study also showed that people who regularly skip their breakfasts are more likely to die due to heart disease.

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