How much protein should you eat per day?

July 27, 2019  09:44

Protein is very important for maintaining health and muscle mass: protein can account for 10-35% of daily calories, experts from the Cleveland Clinic said.

Many studies have shown that, provided regular physical activity and proper nutrition, the inclusion of protein foods in adults in the diet contributes to an increase in muscle mass and weight loss.

A healthy adult should eat averagely 0.8–1.0 grams of protein per pound of weight daily. For example, a woman weighing about 68 kg should consume 54-68 grams of protein per day.

According to experts, the body should receive protein regularly, day after day. Lack of protein for long periods of time, or, conversely, overeating them wrong and harmful.

The best or most bioavailable sources of protein, according to scientists, are those that the body receives from animal products - whey (dairy products), lean meat, egg whites. Among plant sources, experts identify soybeans, legumes, quinoa, nuts and seeds.

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