How can you train yourself to eat healthy, but tasteless foods?

July 29, 2019  10:47

People can get used to the taste of any product, said the scientists from the University of Buffalo.

The whole secret, according to scientists, lies in the chemical composition of saliva: the presence of specific proteins in it affects the taste perception, and the composition of these proteins is partly related to what products a person consumes. This means that our diet leaves a trace in the protein composition of saliva, and these proteins regulate taste.

According to scientists, the revealed connection is relevant only for a bitter taste. These are echoes of evolutionary mechanisms for the ancestors of modern humans, bitterness meant the danger of a product.

Experts conducted an experiment on rodents, which were gradually added to the food quinine - a substance with a bitter taste. Over time, the sensitivity of rats to bitter taste decreased, which allowed them to safely drink water with quinine.

Gradually adding bitter foods to the diet, people also can get used to its taste.

On the other hand, for people who love sweets, this is a vicious circle: the more they eat sweets, the more they want just such foods and the harder it is to eat something else.

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