Surgeons sew man's hands chopped off during street fight

July 31, 2019  18:47

ATTENTION: The photos presented below may contain sensitive content

The tragic story took place in Brazil: a man in a street fight was chopped off his hands, Daily Mail reported

The victim named Suresh Sen came to the hospital.

According to surgeons, the hands were 98% separated from the body, and barely kept on a thin piece of skin. In addition, the patient lost a lot of blood, which threatened to death. The man needed an urgent operation, which lasted 10 hours in total. Two teams of surgeons simultaneously worked in order to speed up the process. This, according to experts, has reduced the operation time by 6 hours.

During the surgery, it was possible to restore the muscles, nerves, tendons and bones. At least 9 months needed for his full recovery.

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