College student's lung collapses after vaping for year

August 7, 2019  14:08

An 18-year-old college student's lung collapsed due to damage from the toxic chemicals in his Juul pods, Daily Mail reported

Once a student felt severe pain when trying to turn on his left side. The young man decided that the problem was in the muscles, but the pain did not abate for several hours. A friend persuaded him to go to the hospital for help. Seven surgeons were brought in for consultation. They reported that his left lung was seriously damaged and he needed urgent surgery.

Now, Chance is blasting a warning against the trendy e-cigarettes to his social media as he begins the long road to recovery. 

As noted, the manufacturer did not respond to a request from The Daily Mail, and did not comment on this situation.

Researchers at Yale reveal the harm of Juul e-cigarettes. They found out that chemical reactions in flavored liquids of e-cigarette create unexpected chemicals that can irritate users’ airways.


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