Twins diagnosed with breast cancer within weeks of each other

August 8, 2019  19:15

The twin sisters Hanna Thompson and Metta Siebert were diagnosed with breast cancer with a difference of three weeks, ABC7 reported

The sisters were both recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Their dual-diagnoses came within just three weeks of each other.

"To say it was a one-two-punch was an understatement," Siebert said.

"We're like the super special identical twins and we're clearly taking that way too far," Thompson added. “For masses, she actually has the mass on her left side. I have it on the right side.”

The sisters admit that since childhood they were extremely close, studied at the same college, and even fenced together. Then Hannah became a professional athlete, while Metta was a nurse.

The sisters carry the BRCA2 gene, which increases the risk of cancer.

Hannah and Metta are trying to raise the necessary amount for treatment through the crowdfunding platform.

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