Dangerous kiss: Baby girl was on verge of death after kiss from relative

August 8, 2019  20:17

A 10-month-old baby Lily from the English Sunderland fell ill with herpes after the kiss of one of her relatives.

According to media reports, her mother Katie, upon returning from a family festival, drew attention to a red spot on Lily's chin. At the initial examination, the doctor did not reveal any health problems and sent the mother and child back home. Meanwhile, the child’s condition continued to deteriorate rapidly, however, at the second visit, the doctors prescribed only a soothing gum gel.

On the third day, a rash appeared around the mouth and inside the baby’s mouth. During the third visit to the hospital, the girl was diagnosed with herpes.

According to Katie, Lily's condition was so poor that she could barely eat and drink. The baby needed a long treatment, and Katie is now trying to raise parents' awareness of the dangers of herpes.

Some of her family members are suffering from this virus, and the cause of the baby’s illness was a kiss from a relative, she said adding that if Lily was younger, then that could have killed her.

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