Woman’s brain tumor undetected for 10 years as she thought she was just tired

August 14, 2019  12:20

Emily Corrigan, 32, struggled with stress, extreme fatigue, and dizziness for several years, without even realizing that these symptoms indicate a serious illness, Metro reported.

Emily thought she was just tired as she is the mother of four children. However, she ended with hospitalization after a sudden attack. During the examination, she was found to have astrocytoma - a brain tumor with the size of an orange. According to doctors, the tumor grew from seven to ten years.

The astrocytoma was removed surgically, but a relapse was detected several years later. As a result, Emily again had to have surgery, and now she is undergoing chemotherapy courses.

Emily urges to be more attentive to her health, and not to postpone a visit to the doctor in case of malaise.

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