Girl with rare heart defect survives after disconnecting from life support device

August 15, 2019  18:05

Phoenix Da'Vin was born with a rare heart defect, but despite this, she is preparing to celebrate her first birthday, Daily Mail reported

According to the source, the baby was diagnosed with a double discharge of the great vessels from the right ventricle (DORV). Her chances of survival were nil, the doctors said.

Phoenix underwent two heart surgeries: when she was ten days and seven months. Despite this, the state of health continued to deteriorate, and doctors disconnected it from the life support apparatus. According to their forecasts, she had only a few hours to live, but now, after four months, her heart continues to beat. The baby will celebrate her first birthday in two weeks.

Phoenix is ​​at home, and still needs constant medical supervision. Seven days a week and 24 hours a day, she receives oxygen using special equipment, the baby has been prescribed 14 types of drugs.

DORV is a rare pathology, and occurs in one case for 10 thousand children. Phoenix needs two more surgical interventions known as Glenn and Fontan.

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