Digital detoxification: What does person feel after giving up gadgets?

August 15, 2019  23:45

Scientists decided to find out how a person feels after giving up gadgets. The so-called digital detoxification is gaining popularity, however, giving up smartphones and the Internet is not so easy for people, Travel Research reported.

Observations were made of 24 volunteers from 17 countries. All of them had to abandon the use of gadgets during the holidays.

It turned out that the first emotions in digital detoxification were anxiety and frustration. The main cause for concern was the inability to use Google maps in the absence of the Internet. In addition, those who chose rural tourism experienced more negative feelings due to the inability to pass the time with a smartphone and share their impressions with friends.

Among the pluses, it was noted without social medias, we can enjoy new experiences, while the participants even more often communicated with their fellow travelers and local residents.

As the researchers conclude, the secret to the growing popularity of digital detoxification is that more and more people get tired of the need to constantly ‘be in touch’.

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