Alcohol addiction is in gene

August 16, 2019  09:39

An international team of researchers shed light on people's addictions to food and alcohol, Nature Human Behavior reported.

According to the source, the love of alcohol is in the genes.

The genetic data of about 500 thousand people aged 40 to 69 years have been analyzed. As a result, 46 new sections of the genome were identified that determine the person’s propensity to drink alcohol. So, in the presence of a low genetic predisposition, people drink an average of 2.6 grams. there is less alcohol per day compared to those who have a high predisposition.

Another study concerns a genetic predisposition to consume sodium - the main component of dietary salt. An article in the journal Nature Communications reported that, according to an analysis of nearly 500,000 people, 50 genome sites were identified that were related to sodium intake and 13 were linked to potassium.

The genetic variant that determines the love of salt food has a connection with genes in which mutations increase the risk.

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