Parents of premature twins with total weight of 1 kg meet helicopter crew who saved their lives

August 16, 2019  15:05

Parents of premature twins, who were born at the 22nd week of pregnancy, met with the ambulance team, which helped save their lives, The Daily Mail reported.

According to the source, a 41-year-old resident of England, Jennie Powell, suddenly started a fight in August last year. The couple turned to the local hospital, however, as it turned out, the woman in labor needed highly specialized help, which could be provided in another city. Jenny was taken by helicopter of the health service, and the very next day she gave birth to twins Jenson and Ruben.

Jenson's weight was only 535 grams, and his chances of survival were at zero level, while  Ruben, who was born weighing 590 grams, has the chances of survival at 20-30%. Despite this, the babies showed a real fighting character, and became the youngest premature and surviving twin boys in the UK.

A year later, the family decided to meet with the ambulance team, who delivered the mother in time by helicopter to another city. The team included a captain, co-pilot, flight attendant, paramedic and midwife.

Jennie says that she became pregnant with Jenson and Ruben with IVF after the tragic death of her two-year-old son Linnie. At the age of eight days, Ruben underwent surgery on the intestines, and Jenson undergoes treatment from birth due to weakened lungs. For two, the kids underwent 20 blood transfusions, sepsis, pneumonia, a hernia and other health problems.

A year on, the family celebrated the 'miracle' by meeting up with the staff who flew them to Oxford and had no idea whether the boys survived until now. 

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