8 in 10 workers shedding tears as result of job stress

August 16, 2019  21:10

The American recruiting site Monster.com decided to identify the main causes of stress at work. The results were depressing: 83% of respondents said that they cry from work from time to time, CBS reported

According to the source, over 3 thousand people took part in the online survey. It turned out that in over 45% of cases, the employees were brought to tears by their bosses, and in 19% the cause of crying was problems at home and in their personal lives, while 16% of respondents admitted that they could not hold back their tears because of the high workload at work. About 13% have stress because of bullying by colleagues.

As Monster.com expert Vicki Salemi noted, mostly office employees give free rein to tears locked in a meeting room or in a toilet. 

According to the expert, tears are perceived by others as a manifestation of weakness, but if you can’t hold back your emotions, it’s better to understand yourself, find the reasons for what happened, and think of a way out of this situation.

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